battle born.

An Order of the Phoenix fanmix on 8tracks.

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Inspired by the Order members of the Worth Dying For roleplaying group; a Marauder Era Harry Potter based RPG.

Song list & lyrics under the cut.

                      Download it here; Mediafire

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A TOMIONE FANMIX (by highonbooks and vasovagalsyncope)

“Hermione succumbs under the power of the locket and starts to do horrible things under Tom Riddle’s influence.”

download (I hope it works, I tried to upload this on mediafire but it didn’t work)

001. Inside the Fire | Disturbed
“end your grief with me, there’s another way, release your life, take your place inside the fire with her.”
002. My Secret Friend | IAMX
“my secret friend, oh, take me to the river. my secret friend, so we can swin forever.”
003. Dark Secret | Matthew Sweet
“’cause there’s a dark secret, carry with you, carry with you.”
004. Devil in the Details | Placebo
“i’m gonna dance with him tonight. all my wrongs and all my wicked ways will come back to haunt me.”
005. No Light, No Light | Florence + the Machine
“you’re the night time fear, you’re the morning when it’s clear, when it’s over you start, you’re my head and you’re my heart.”
006. St. Matthew’s Passion | E.S. Posthumus
007. Temptation | Tom Waits
“my will has disappeared, now my confusions oh so clear.”
008. Pet | A Perfect Circle
“don’t fret, precious, i’m here, step away from the window, go back to sleep.”
009. #1 Crush | Garbage
“i would die for you, i would kill for you, i will steal for you, i’d do time for you.”

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Fellow Dramione Shippers,

I present to you The Dramione Fanmix Ver.4.0! A collection of songs which features epic ballads and soulful lyrics for your listening pleasure.:) 

Click on the widget below or go to this LINK to listen to the fanmix. 


1)’Pieces’ by Red

2)’Titanium’ by Madilyn Bailey

3)’Paradise’ by Coldplay

4)’Kissing You’ by Desree

5)’For Blue Skies’ by Strays Don’t Sleep

6)’Missing’ by Evanescence

7)’Look What You’ve Done’ by Jet

8)’Heaven’ by DJ Sammy Ft. Yanou

9)’All The Way For You’ by Poets of the Fall

10)’Here With Me’ by Dido

11)’Unintended’ by Muse

12)’Independent Love Song’ by Scarlet

Dramione Fanmix Ver.4.0 by That Weirdgurl on Grooveshark

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we could be friends.

a Luna Lovegood friendship mix on 8tracks.

luna lovegood
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FAREWELL TO THE PAST  (a genderflipped dumbledore/grindelwald fanmix)
001 | woodkid: iron
002 | austra: spellwork
003 | dario marianelli: two figures by a fountain (instrumental)
003 | florence + the machine: no light, no light
005 | ellie goulding: salt skin
006 | ludovico einaudi: farewell to the past (instrumental)
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Not Like The Movies: Dramione Fanmix (Part II)


01. Not Like The Movies - Katy Perry 02. I Want To Save You - Something Corporate 03. Rescued - Jack’s Mannequin 04. Feel So Close - Calvin Harris 05. Made For You - OneRepublic 06. She Is - The Fray 07. Love Like Woe - The Ready Set 08. Halo - Bethany Joy Lenz 09. Make You Feel My Love - Adele 10. 6 Months - Hey Monday

[download] [part I]

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